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We specialize in multi-track digital recording.We are able to record in multiple tracks, add fx, mix down, editing, all the abilities that you will need to make the best demo or master cd that money can bye
first we record one track at a time, wether it be the rythem track, drum track, vocal track, ect.
Then once we get the tracks down, we can go back and edit each individual track,add efex, and so on.
After we get the song where you like it then we can do what is called a mix down which is where all the tracks in that song are mixed together as they are and combined all in one .WAV file or .MP3...
Then we can copie them to a master cd which is then availible for the customer (you) to do with what you like. Wether it be make copies and putt on the market, or just keep for your own injoyment.
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