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1. Do i need to have my song's and or music copy-writed?
We do not requier that music and or lyrics be copywritten, But we strongly suggest that you do so.
SDS is not responsible for stolen or pirated music do to copie write infrengments or anny outher type of pirasy

2. Do i have to have a band in order to make a demo cd of me singing?
Although we dont specalise in keroke type cds we can record you singing along with your fav songs. SDS dos not supplie the back ground music for solo performers

3. How manny instrument are bands allowed to have?
At SDS we record in digital multi-tracks 1 at a time so there is no limit to the amount of instruments you can have or the amount of vocal tracks
basicly  im starting a studio in which people will come in and record, wether it be solo, or with a band, that type of thing. As far as turnarround time  that is up to the customer.Basicly im looking at church groups, country and rock bands that would like to make a master cd (DEMO)to send to producers and that type of thing. The song files are so big i had to bye a cd-rw (yeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaa)so all masters will be burnt onto a cd. I do have a place in west virginia that i can get copies made onto cassett for a reely good price but most people will whant cds. I am still looking for a place that will copy cds onto cds, there is one in fort-wayne but i havent ben able to contact them yet. I will deffinatly finde a place or i will get the equipment to do it with myself so the multiple cd copys will be availible

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